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I am a photographer, filmmaker, locally known as The Content Creator based in Toronto and across North America with 14 years experience.

Specialized creating content for OnlyFans Members.


My work and skills are based on three major components: theatrical, dramatic and powerful.

Theatrical is my use of lights to create those theatrical effects. Dramatic is the colour tones that I use to edit, dark and moody or bright and colourful and with the help from the model's poses that create the dramatic look. Powerful is having the perfect background composition for that perfect photo.  I use building structures, nature and obstacles to have that natural canvas. Outdoor settings have no limits for creativity.

I'm passionate about creating experiences that bring attention to the mystery, wonder, and beauty of my surrounding masterpiece.


The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words. The earth is art; the photographer is only a witness.

I find myself most inspired when capturing a love that sets every heart in the room alight, leaving you with a visual portrayal of the unparalleled love shared between souls.


Truth lives in each frame, your story told in its most crushingly beautiful form.

If you are interested in having a photoshoot day, information of service and looking to become one of my models, please fill out the contact form Here and I will reply back within 24 to 48 hours. Or contact me directly via email or by phone:

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